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Carpet Store in Fort Dodge, IA

Carpet can offer comfort and elegance to just about any interior space. If you’re looking to transform your home with the luxurious touch of carpet near you in Fort Dodge, IA at Jim's Carpet One Floor & Home. As industry experts, we take pride in offering personalized service and expert guidance to help you discover the perfect carpet that reflects your unique style and enhances the ambiance of your home. 


Carpeting can elevate the beauty and comfort of your living space. If you’re interested in adding carpet to your home, keep reading to learn about the different types of carpet we offer. 


What Are The Different Types of Carpet?

Discover an extensive range of high-quality carpets at Jim's Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Dodge, IA. We proudly offer a collection of carpets selected for their durability, comfort, and style. Here’s a closer look at the different types of carpeting you can choose from:


5 Sustainable Ways to Use Carpet

We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in the flooring industry. Here are some ways you can contribute to a greener future with carpet flooring:


  1. Choose carpets made from recycled fibers to reduce environmental impact.
  2. Opt for carpets with backing made from recycled materials or natural, biodegradable alternatives that are eco-friendly.
  3. Consider carpet tiles that allow for easy replacement of damaged or worn-out sections, extending the life of your carpet.
  4. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning can extend the lifespan of your carpet and reduce the need for replacement.
  5. Keep utility costs and usage down with the help of carpet, which insulates the home.

Do You Offer Stain-Resistant Carpet?

Yes! While no carpet is completely stain-proof, our stain-resistant carpets are designed to repel liquids and prevent stains from penetrating the fibers. 


Benefits of Stain-resistant Carpet

Do You Offer Waterproof Carpet?

Yes, we do! Experience the ultimate peace of mind with our 100% waterproof* carpet flooring. Previously available primarily for commercial use, waterproof carpet has made its way into residential homes, making it an excellent choice for families with active lifestyles and pets.


Benefits of Waterproof Carpet

*It's important to note that while waterproof carpeting is highly resistant to liquid penetration, it's still essential to address any spills or moisture promptly to maintain the carpet's condition and overall cleanliness.


Do You Offer Professional Installations?

At Jim's Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand that proper carpet installation is key to achieving the best results. For this reason, we will work with professionals to ensure that your carpet or flooring is installed properly every time.


Installations with Jim’s Carpet One

Shop Carpet Near You in Fort Dodge, IA

When it comes to carpet flooring in Fort Dodge, IA, Jim's Carpet One Floor & Home is your trusted partner. Experience the unmatched style, comfort, and quality of our carpet, hardwood flooring, vinyl, laminate, and even tile! Ready to get started on your home improvement project? Visit our showroom to start browsing our online carpet selection today.





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Carpet Care & Maintenance

Protect your carpeting from spills, stains, and damage! Follow these simple care tips from the flooring pros at Jim's Carpet One.




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