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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Fort Dodge, Iowa

At Jims Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Dodge, IA, we carry trendy and stylish flooring that you have been looking for. Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the fastest growing flooring categories, and homeowners are taking notice of its advantages over other flooring options. Luxury vinyl comes in many different styles and color options, which means you no longer have to sacrifice looks for functionality. Our flooring professionals can work with you to help you find the right luxury vinyl floor for your home.


If your family includes children and pets in your home, then luxury vinyl is right for you. Its scratch and water-repellent qualities makes it incredibly durable. The wear layer protects the high-definition digital image, which is where luxury vinyl gets its looks. Luxury vinyl is a great waterproof flooring option. No longer stress about installing and cleaning hardwood or stone flooring, instead invest in luxury vinyl. It can be made to look exactly like real hardwood or tile flooring.




Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Since luxury vinyl flooring is such a fast growing category in flooring, manufacturers have come out with different types of luxury vinyl. There are the original luxury vinyl planks and tiles, but now there are WPC luxury vinyl floors and rigid core floors.


Vinyl plank floors look just like natural hardwood, with many similarities between the two flooring types. There are many advantages to vinyl plank flooring. It’s available in a huge array of styles that echo natural oak, hickory, mahogany, birch, cherry, and other popular wood species. Like real hardwood, vinyl planks come in the form of long panels. However, they have a synthetic layered construction that resists swelling with moisture and humidity exposure.


Compared to traditional tile flooring, luxury vinyl tile is much more comfortable and forgiving to walk on. This is why homeowners are making the switch! Vinyl tiles feature all the same styles, colors, patterns and more like traditional tile. Vinyl tile flooring can handle everything from moisture, traffic, and other everyday challenges. Just like traditional tiles, vinyl tiles come as individual pieces that can be installed separately and some even have integrated grout lines for an authentic look.




Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?

Luxury vinyl is a great alternative to real hardwood, stone or tile flooring for several different reasons. First, it is a cost effective alternative. Luxury vinyl is also made with the most recent technology in digital printing and registered embossing, so they look just like real natural flooring. Luxury vinyl is ideal for any space in your home or business, as long as you choose the right type of vinyl flooring for your performance needs. For instance, opt for a waterproof luxury vinyl floor for your bathroom. Vinyl is easy to install, and our professional installers are here to get your project done!




Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Selection

Be sure to stop by our showroom in Fort Dodge, IA to see just how exceptional luxury vinyl is and to speak with one of our flooring experts to see if luxury vinyl is right for your home! Our featured luxury vinyl flooring brands include name brands you love and our own exclusive brands like Invincible™ featuring H2O™ and Invincible™ XT, all of which are Carpet One exclusives.





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