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Jims Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Dodge is your local one-stop-shop when it comes to flooring and home services. We feature a large kitchen and bathroom area that features cabinets and countertops. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most customized spaces in the home, so why not update yours? We offer waterproof flooring that is durable as well as beautiful so you can have a functional, worry free floor in your home. Below we review the different options you have with cabinets and countertops.





Cabinets, as you can imagine, are most popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Both kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are available in wood or synthetic constructions, and for the most part, they are all relatively similar. Kitchen cabinets, however, tend to be more expansive because kitchen settings are usually larger than bathroom settings. Our featured cabinet brands are Omega and Homecrest.

Types of Cabinets

Base cabinets are mounted to the floor and support your countertops and everything else that is on top. These are considered the blueprint to most kitchens and bathrooms. Most kitchen islands are made of base cabinets that are combined and installed on site.

Wall cabinets are mounted to the wall of your kitchen. You can choose different heights, custom depth, multiple widths, and different door options. If you combine base and wall cabinets, it creates an accent wall that stores cookware and cookbooks or whatever else you’d need.

Tall cabinets go from your floor to ceiling. Tall cabinets are also sometimes called a pantry and can provide as much as 4 cubic feet or even more for storage. From small to big appliances, a pantry can store a lot, and tall utility cabinets can be made to fit large appliances.





Countertops are an essential part of your kitchen or bathroom. Not only do they add style but they are also functional. Countertops serve as a functional storage space for things you need around the home every day. They are available in several different materials, styles, colors and more. Most countertops are custom fitted to the shape of your kitchen. Some different countertops materials include polished concrete, and butcher block wood. Our featured countertop brand is Cambria.

Types of Countertops

Stone countertops can be made of Granite, Marble or Limestone. Stone countertops are nearly impervious to heat, and come in thousands of unique colors with different mineral patterns. Stone adds real estate value to your home and aesthetic appeal.

Quartz is a type of engineered stone that is bound by minerals and resins. They are available in a wide range of colors and feature a non-porous surface that resists scratching and staining. These countertops can be custom fabricated, feature realistic and natural appearances, and they are resistant to heat and acid.

Laminate countertops may not be of the same quality as stone or engineered stone, but they are available in thousands of different styles and options. Laminate countertops are easy to care for and do not need to be sealed like granite countertops.

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