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Commercial Flooring Installations 

We believe the installation process is the core to our success commercially. Why install something that will eventually need fixed/tore out in the future rather than wait and ensure we can get the job done right the first time? When you start rushing through certain items of work things tend to get messy. When there is a very tight window to get an urgent matter done we can usually pull from a large job due to getting ahead of the project schedule. As long as we know of the date and can plan for it, chances are we can make it work. We always try our best to adhere to the project schedules.

Commercial Work

We do a lot of work for a lot of Elementary Schools, High School/Middle Schools, tons of work for Iowa State University, hospitals, clinics (about anything medical), small businesses, libraries, government offices, group homes, almost anything we’ll take a look at. We’re not afraid to take on new things, almost welcome the challenge. We have hungry installers to learn and would jump the gun just to learn something new.

Areas we work in are anything in the top half of Iowa. Our heart beats in Fort Dodge and almost all products and inventory rolls through our warehouses at some point. There are Lots of materials flowing through these walls wanting to help anyone who needs it.

To learn more about our commercial flooring options and installations, contact Jims Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Dodge, IA. 

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