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Carpet is a durable, stylish, and popular home flooring option. Jims Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Dodge, IA has what you need when it comes to carpet. Carpet has an unmatched softness that cannot be replicated in any other material. Carpet has stain fighting power, keeping your home looking clean and your carpet healthier. Get back more time in your day with carpet that is both stylish and functional.

When it comes to style options carpet features a vast array of colors, patterns, and types. Carpet even follows trends, and we have the latest in stock. We carry the latest in carpet trends so come check them out at our showroom.

Watch the video below to learn about how to choose a carpet style that is right for you.

What Are the Different Types of Carpet?

Carpet types can impact how the carpet will function in your home, it also determines the style of your carpet as well. Always consider durability; maybe consider our waterproof option Tigressa H2O for rooms that see a lot of activity. Of course you will want to balance performance with style, and there are carpets that can fit right in with your current home décor.

Carpet comes in five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.

Level loop carpet has a dense, low profile, which makes it great for heavily-trafficked areas.

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Patterned carpet is made of loops and cut fibers of varying heights, resulting in unique patterns.

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Textured carpet has longer fibers resulting in a casual look that's great for home settings.

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Frieze carpet has long, twisted yarns, and these create dimension and sensation underfoot.

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Plush, or velvet, carpet has a more formal appearance because of its thick construction.

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Our Carpet Selection

Jims Carpet One Floor & Home in Fort Dodge, IA, is your local and trusted expert when it comes to carpeting. You’ll find a collection of name brands as well as Carpet One exclusives such as Lees, Tigressa, and Innovia. You can only find these carpets at your local Carpet One store.

Lees carpet             Tigressa Cherish carpet

Innovia Xtreme Clean carpet

Learn More About Carpet

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How to Maintain your Carpet

Caring for your carpet can help prevent permanent stains and also ensures the life cycle of your new floors. Clean carpets also mean a clean home.

How to Care for Carpet
Tigressa Carpet

Different Types of Carpet

Not all carpet is made the same. The type of carpet can impact how it’ll function in your home, take a look on how to choose the best carpet for your space. 

Learn About Carpet Types
What is the Best carpet?

Carpet Warranties

Be sure to talk to one of our flooring professionals about what carpet warranties work best for you, having the right carpet warranty can make all the difference.

Learn About Carpet Warranties
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Carpet Installation

Learn about the carpet installation process and where carpet can be installed. 

Learn About Carpet Installation

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