• Sep 12, 2014
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Fall Front Door Ideas

Designer Advice Articles Fall Holiday Outdoor Yellows/Oranges

Fall is just around the corner. Is your front door ready? Decorating your door for fall doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, fall decor items are readily available at your local farm or even your back yard. We've found 12 doors to inspire your fall entry. And we've divided them into 4 easy to find elements of autumn decor - Leaves & Wreaths, Pumpkins & Gourds, Mums, and Dried Corn Stalks.

Leaves & Wreaths

Whether they're from the tree in your back yard, found on the ground or even of the artificial variety, brightly colored and dried leaves are the perfect accessory to adorn your autumn door. We do recommend keeping the leaves around your doorway or on a pretty wreath. Otherwise it could look like you forgot to sweep your front porch.

A fall wreath is an easy update for your doorway. Swap out the summer flowers for leaves, branches, burlap and pumpkins.

Front Door Ideas - Leaves & Wreaths

Fall Leaves Doors (from left to right): Hooked on HousesDigsDigs, homedit

Pumpkins & Gourds

Every farm stand and grocery store will be abundant with all shapes and sizes of these symbols of fall. Place a pumpkin on each step or create a line of little ones. Mix it up with some different shapes and sizes of gourds.

Don't worry about getting yours too early. An uncarved pumpkin can last 8 weeks or more. Just remember, once you turn it into a Jack-o-lantern, you'll need to keep an eye on it. Those spooky versions only last about a week.

Front Door Ideas - Pumpkins and GourdsPumpkin Ideas (from left to right): Thrifty Decor Chick, DigsDigsLife as a Thrifter

Mums of Every Color

No matter what your favorite fall color is, there's a beautiful mum to match - gold, orange, rust and burgundy. Place them in an urn and post or even an carved out pumpkin for a festive fall look.

Front Door Ideas for Fall - Mums

Mum Ideas (from left to right): Martha Stewart, homedit, DigsDigs

Dried Corn Stalks

A bundle of dried corn stalks works great for large doorways and porches. They're a great accent on their own or combined with other fall accents. Leave them simple and natural or ad a bow or additional decor.

Fall Front Door Ideas - Corn Stalks

Corn Stalk Ideas (from left to right): All the Rage Decorhomedit, DigsDigs.

Don't delay. Fall will be here soon. Find your favorite combo of leaves, wreaths, pumpkins, gourds, mums and cornstalks and get ready to dress up your door for fall!

For more fall front door ideas, take a look at our Front Door Pinterest Board. 

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